About Jonathan

  • Founder and Architect of Apache Wicket
  • Founder of TrafficGauge
  • Java Team Member
  • Windows Team Member

Jonathan has been working in software for 25 years.  He is the originator of the Apache Wicket web framework and a founder of TrafficGauge, Inc (acquired by Networks in Motion, acquired by Telecommunication Systems).  He worked on core Java technologies starting in 1996 for both JavaSoft (JVM, Swing) and Microsoft (Visual J++).  From 1997 to 1998, he wrote the monthly column “Java 911″ for Microsoft Internet Developer Magazine. Before Java, Jonathan was a Win32 expert, a member of the Windows team and a speaker at various Windows development conferences.  He co-authored”Windows 95: A Developer’s Guide” with Jeffrey Richter and edited Jeff’s “Advanced Windows”.  He is currently employed as a Senior Software Architect at Telenav and occasionally does freelance consulting to companies worldwide.

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