Coding: On Software Design Process

“This book is about making you a good coder instead of making your code good.”

– Mülheim Ruhr

“The book has a powerful message and each short section has weight.”

– Ian Marshall


About the Book

I started writing this book for the same reason that I originally started writing the web framework that was later named “Apache Wicket”: I had a serious itch to scratch. The itch this time was this: I have found myself in recent years increasingly engaged in conversations with people about software development process. Not about the latest technology fad or what is the best language or what the best code looks like, but instead about how to code.

These have often been very interesting and exciting conversations and I’ve learned a lot from them. But the trouble with verbal conversations is that they have to end. There’s never enough time. So, I wanted a place to put down some of the most interesting thoughts and discoveries I’ve had over the years where other people could pick them up and (hopefully) benefit from them at their leisure. I feel this book is very much a conversation starter, so if you have comments I’d be interested in hearing from you.

About Jonathan

Jonathan is a senior architect, magazine columnist, author, speaker, mentor and practicing code artist. He is also the creator of Apache Wicket and a former member of the Java team at Sun Microsystems as well as the Microsoft Windows team. He resides in Seattle, Washington where he also pursues acting, directing, writing and producing theater (and maybe someday film). He is a proud member of the board at the phenomenal non-profit theater arts organization Freehold. He enjoys talking Seattle area software professionals into taking classes there and then smiles when they tell him it changed their lives.

2 Responses to Coding: On Software Design Process

  1. Sebastian says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    sounds very interesting, I’ll have a look at this book.

    I wonder what happened to “Twenty-Six Wicket Tricks”. I have seen some interesting code on Google Code and would like to read the story behind it. Are you still planning to release the book?

  2. Sebastian,

    Unfortunately, I have abandoned the 26 Wicket Tricks book. I never finished all the code for it and so I never started writing the text. I think my book “Coding” is more interesting anyway, although it won’t help you with Wicket directly.



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