Jonathan Locke

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25 years of industry experience, including team leadership, system architecture, object-oriented design and all aspects of product development. Strong mentoring skills, able to communicate well with business management and capable of explaining extremely complex ideas in simple terms.

• Creator of Apache Wicket
• Author of “Coding – On Software Design Process
• Java Team Member at Sun Microsystems
• Columnist for “Java 911” at Microsoft Developer Network
• Microsoft Window 95 Team Member
• Author of “Windows 95: A Developer’s Guide”

Java (17 years experience, 1995-Present)
Java, Apache Wicket, Terracotta, Hazelcast, Guice, Jersey, AJAX, Swing, Hibernate, JNI, JACE, JNIWrapper, RMI, JDBC, XML, Eclipse, Maven, Ant, JavaSpaces, TestNG, Security, N-Tier Design, UML, Performance.

Architect and founder of the Apache Wicket web framework.  Worked on core Java technologies for both JavaSoft (VM, Swing) and Microsoft (Visual J++). Authored Apache Regexp Java regular expression package (1996). Wrote the monthly column “Java 911” for Microsoft Internet Developer Magazine (1997-1998).

C/C++ and Windows (10 years experience, 1988-1998)
Highly experienced with Win32, Windows team member, speaker at various conferences, including WinDev. Co-authored “Windows 95: A Developer’s Guide” with Jeffrey Richter and edited “Advanced Windows”.

Other Skills
Perl (1992-2000), parsers, pattern-matchers, solvers, language/interpreter construction, various assembly languages, just enough Linux to be dangerous.

Technical Employment History

Telenav – Sunnyvale / Seattle, WA (2011-), Senior Software Architect
Responsible for the architecture and the majority of the coding of three server clusters for processing real-time traffic information. Also responsible for various internal toolkits for software development including a scalable object-oriented map graph model, a project for map matching probe traces and a turn restriction map/reduce project.

Networks in Motion / TCS – Seattle, WA (2008-2011), Chief Architect
Mobile navigation startup, acquired by TeleCommunication Systems.

TrafficGauge – Seattle, WA (2001-2008), Founder, Architect
Wireless telematics startup. Participated in business development activities, responsible for software system architecture and implementation. Acquired by Networks in Motion.

Thoof – Austin, TX / Seattle, WA (2007-2008), Senior Architect
Stealth-mode, VC funded startup.

Ahaza – Seattle, WA (2001), Technical Consultant, Architect
Networking hardware startup, wrote high performance Java web cache software.

Fizzylab – Seattle, WA (1999-2000) Architect
Designed and led development of a search engine and web crawler.

Sun Microsystems / JavaSoft – Cupertino, CA (1997-1998), Staff Engineer
Swing, Java Virtual Machine, windowing toolkit performance.

Asymetrix – Bellevue, WA (1992-1993), Systems Developer III
Designed and implemented a portable C++ windowing toolkit.

Sealevel Software – Bellevue, WA (1989-1997), Founder
Consultants to Microsoft, Rockwell, Intermec, Oxygen Media, Medio Systems, BioSonics, WeUsOurs, and other Seattle area companies.

Combustion Engineering – Berkeley, CA (1988-1989), SDE
Worked on a large-scale blueprint editor.


Coding – On Software Design Process”, Amazon
“Java 911”, Microsoft Internet Developer Magazine, New York
“Windows 95: A Developer’s Guide” with Jeff Richter, John Wiley and Sons, New Jersey


1984-1988 BSCS, The Evergreen State College (Olympia, WA)
Awarded research grant for interdisciplinary multimedia project (1987), teacher’s assistant and speaker (1988).

Hobbies and Interests

Ultimate Frisbee, Bicycling, Cooking, Travel, Writing, Simple Living, Movies, Acting, Theater.


Available upon request.

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